Livestock Barn Sponsorship

Become a sponsor/donor that will help pave the way for an improved fairgrounds for the 4-H, FFA, and Cuming County community to enjoy. A new livestock building is going up to replace the old hog, sheep, and goat barns. The donations can be made as a one time payment or the total divided over 5 years.

No donation is too small! Payment options include:


Submit the form via mail


Submit an online payment

If you or your spouse are employed by a company that matches employee donations, feel free to discuss a potential donation match. We hope that you won’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Donor Board Options





$50,000 and above

Pen Sponsorship

One time $1,000 payment for a 10 year sponsorship of a pen. Up to 200 pens available!

Fairboard Contact Info

Tim Rolf: 402-380-9783

Molly Hansen: 402-372-7233

Kreg Schlautman: 402-380-9659

Or e-mail us at: