Cuming County Fair Foundation

The Cuming County Fair Foundation was created in 1999 as a place where individuals, businesses, longtime friends, and generations of families who grew up with the Fair can play a vital role in the future of their Fair.

It’s hard work and vision that brought our communities together in 1923 to create the very first Cuming County Fair. Surviving war, drought, and the test of time, we can proudly boast of having one of the finest fairs around.

At the Fair, we learn from each other, we lend a hand and give a hand. It is a traditional gathering place for friends and family, and a place to teach our children rewards of hard work and patience. We also learn about our community. Most of all, each year bears the signature of excellence of the Fair before.

Fair Foundation Fundraiser

The Foundation Calendar Lottery Fundraiser was a success.  Tickets were sold from July 1 to September 31 for a chance to win $150.  Each week and every day of the fair, a winner will be drawn for a total of 56 winners.

Fair Foundation Board Members

Nathan Klitz, West Point – President

David Ellinghausen, Oakland – Vice-President

Mary Jo Lueckenhoff, West Point – Treasurer

Shay Miller, Bancroft – Secretary

Theresa Fullner, Wisner

Arnie Rief, West Point

Matt Reppert, West Point

Karen Heftie, Wisner

Pauleen Peitzmeier, West Point

Willy Kreikemeier, West Point

Sheila Sindelar, Wisner

Brian Doernemann, West Point

Arlene Rolf, West Point

Pat Schlickbernd, West Point

Tim Rolf, West Point

Ron Guenther, Beemer

Because the financial structure of the Fair has changed over the years and continues to change, there is less and less financial assistance available to replenish the grounds, buildings, sidewalks, and department funds. Now is the time to act. Help the Fair Foundation to build a financial resource through charitable giving. Your gift is tax deductible because we are a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

Donations can be sent to:

Cuming County Fair Foundation
P.O. Box 53
West Point, NE 68788

Or by contacting a Foundation Board Member